Annual General Body Meeting & Board Elections-September 17th, 2017 starts at 1pm (details coming)
Monthly Puja Schedule: 1st Sunday:Ram Parivar Puja|| 2nd Sunday: Lord Jagannath Puja|| 3rd Sunday Bala Ji & Lord Krishana Puja|| 4th SundayLord Shiv JI Puja|| 5th Sunday: Lord Ganesha Puja|| Every Saturday: Lord Venkateshwra Puja || All Puja times are: (11am-1pm)
Our Vision: "Build and maintain a Hindu Temple in Arizona, with multiple deities, with Shri Venkataeshwara, Shri Radha Krishna and Shri Ram Parivar as main deities with equal prominence, built per Hindu traditions."


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Board Meeting Minutes 2019
April 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2017

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Lord Ganesha

Just like you count on this Temple , the Temple counts on you as well. Please donate generously. Bring your family and friends for daily, weekly worshiping and also to attend Special Events. This Temple hosts many events throughout the Year. check our Special Upcoming Events schedule.

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